Update on End-game Gear and Customization

Have you made it to 50 yet? Are you happy with the end-game gear and customization options in SWTOR? If you’re not, then you’re not alone. Many players have already expressed that they are not real happy with the gear and the customization options that are available post-50. Some people think the end game armor sets that BioWare has designed are ugly and then other people just don’t like the idea of BioWare being the one to decide what their end-game gear will look like or the idea that they will look just like every other player of their class.  Some people just want more customization and more options. So BioWare has given an answer to these please and complaints. Here is the full write-up from the SWTOR official forums: “The current situation with end game gear and item modifications isn’t final and, in fact, many community members like yourself…

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Social Armor Sets – Sith

Social armor sets are another one of those things about SWTOR that helps set it apart from other MMORPGs and makes it a little more fun. Here is a image that shows us what the social armor sets for the Sith look like. While the quality is not the best, the creator still took the time to get all those shots of the armor for us in one location so you can see them.  If you want to travel all over the planets and see them all for yourself or see exactly what they will look like on your character, you can do so. Viewing with the companion view gives a higher resolution view on the sets. So here is just one more reason to be social in SWTOR and group up while playing the game. What do you think? Do you like the sets? Were you disappointed? Will you be saving…

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SWTOR Level 50 Gear (Screenshots)

Not everyone got far enough into the beta testing/ game testing of SWTOR to be able to see level 50 gear. You may not have ever even seen a level 50, much less achieved the level cap for yourself. Here are some screenshots of the different classes with level 50 gear so you can see what it all looks like. The poster says: “High settings but with no AA forced on. Male human body type 2.Keep in mind this is just the gear available at vendors in the fleet, there’s still tons of other gear styles out there such as boss loot, quest rewards and crafting. So if you’re thinking oh man thats ugly, never fear, there shall be alternatives. Also: mod system!Apologies for no Republic stuff” So here you go! Have a look and let us know what you think. Bounty Hunter Sith Inquisitor Imperial Agent Sith Warrior Remember…

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