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Star Wars Celebration 2019 Schedule

If you’re prepping for Star Wars Celebration in just a few more days, you may want to plan your strategy in advance. I know every time I go to a convention, I try to plot out my schedule with the map in advance. Sure, you can just show up and wing it, but places are packed and if you’ve never been there before, it can be disorienting. Any time I’ve tried to wing it, I missed out on stuff I wanted to do because I couldn’t find it, or get there in time. has the FULL panel schedule posted now. You can see everything happening in Chicago on the 13th, and determine what you want to go to and when it’s happening. There are various stages with panels, discussions and even hands-on activities for you. It covers all the events from Friday, the 11th, to Monday the 15th, so…

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SWTOR withdraws from Star Wars Celebration 2 Weeks Prior

With only two more weeks to go, SWTOR has officially pulled out of the Star Wars Celebration, shocking many fans. They will, however, still be attending Gamescon which has a lot of people questioning the motives behind this decision. Players will also be able to play the new warzone at Gamescon which sounds like exciting news for those who get to go. It’s kind of hard to understand why they could not spare the staff to go to Florida but they can go to Germany. Seems like they are saying one event is higher on their priority list than the other. Maybe if they had not laid off so much of their staff (particularly those in the community department) then they would not have to back out of this event. Anyway, it’s a real bummer to the fans but it sounds like it’s officially a sure thing. This thread explains the news:…

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