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4 Year Old Jedi Gets a Final Farewell

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It’s something no parent ever wants to have to do- bury their child. Sadly, the parents of 4-year-old Jack Robinson had to do just that. Their little boy had an inoperable brain tumor and sadly, died on April 1st. But little Jack but have a send-off worthy of his short, but special life. His parents and family gave him a Star Wars- themed funeral that they say he helped to plan before his passing. The family said that there son was a very special soul who brought together people from all over the world, despite his young age. Because of this, they wanted to give him a very special, unique  funeral. UK’s The Mirror describes the event: “His body arrived in a Star Wars coffin on a white horse-drawn carriage surrounded by Stormtroopers. The carriage was decked with floral tributes, including one reading ‘Jedi’ and wreaths in the shape of a lightsaber, Yoda and R2-D2. A brass band played the film’s The Binary Sunset theme and the order of service read:...

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SWTOR’s early subscriber access to Galactic Strongholds delayed

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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s early access to the upcoming expansion: Galactic Strongholds has been delayed for a few weeks. The news was just dropped in a letter from senior producer Bruce Maclean on the official website. According to Maclean, subscriber early access has been moved from June 24 to August 19 so the development team at Bioware can add more features such as a Tatooine Homestead stronghold, and more. The deadline for early access rewards has also been expanded to July 15. Producer Letter – Galactic Strongholds 04.23.2014 Hi everyone! For the past year, we’ve made it our goal to share updates and information on what’s happening in the studio and our upcoming plans for the game. We got the message that you appreciate transparency and want to know what we are working on. With that in mind, we wanted to share a change in plans to our most recently announced digital expansion, Galactic Strongholds. We have been listening to what you, our players, were hoping to see...

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Rumor: All Six Star Wars Films May Be Released on 3D Blu-Ray

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  When it comes to the new Star Wars films, you know how we like to share rumors and any other tidbits of information we can come across. Well, a reader from Jedi News found an interesting piece of possible Star Wars film info, which she shared with them and they shared on their site. Jedi News reader LadyFerry explains:   Hello! it’s me LadyFerry! Just a quick message to say that I was looking online for blu-ray pre-orders and found this, it’s a pre-order notification for the six 3D Star Wars movies coming out on blu-ray. Just thought it would be an interesting titbit for the front page at Jedi News: See it here: Amazon Ok, that’s pretty interesting indeed. Amazon now has listings for all six current Star Wars films...

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Are Double XP Weekends Helpful to SWTOR Community?

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in discussion, leveling, News, SWTOR | 0 comments

So we talk about SWTOR Double XP weekends a lot here, for obvious reasons. But let’s consider for a moment if they are not really as good for the community as they may seem. Just for the sake of discussion, let’s look at it from another perspective. What happens during a double XP weekend? Generally, more players flock back to the game who never got around to leveling up alts. Some might bring their friends as well. Or you might even get some brand new players to the game who just want to take advantage of the opportunity to level up fast. Double XP from the event combined with any other Cartel Market boosters or guild bonuses and you can get level 20 before leaving the planet you’re on. You could get to max level in one solid weekend of...

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Former LucasArts President Joins Dungeon Defenders as CEO

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Independent developer Trendy Entertainment has hired former LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez as its new CEO. Trendy Entertainment, best known for its action-RPG Dungeon Defenders, is hoping the former LucasArts president will help lead their company to future success. Rodriguez tells Game Industry Biz: “When I first visited here I saw tremendous potential–both in Dungeon Defenders II and their cross platform backend and technology, Playverse, and needed to be a part of it. Working with talented, passionate people and putting them and customers first to help unlock Trendy Entertainment’s potential is why I’m here,” Rodriguez said. “I have been extremely fortunate to work with some of the most...

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SWTOR Housing Speculation- What Can We Expect?

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Some of us have been looking forward to SWTOR player housing since we first heard about SWTOR. Now that we know it will be coming soon, there is a lot of speculation about what we can expect to see in the actual final version of player housing. We know it’s coming this summer with the release of Galactic Strongholds but we don’t know a lot more about what this will bring. And since it’s coming soon, players have been doing a lot of speculation. We have learned to be cautious when it comes to news from Bioware about future features of the game but with one as highly anticipated as this, it’s hard not to be optimistic. We don’t want to get our hopes up and then bet let down but we are feeling good about some of the things we might see. We...

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Developer Blog: What’s New in Season Two?

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Hello PVP fans! If you enjoyed Season One, you might be excited to know Season 2 is coming. This most recently Developer’s Blog has some great info for us about what to expect in Season Two:

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Boston Cantina Tour Flashdrive assets

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Sorry for the delay on this one, but here are the Boston Cantina Tour Flashdrive assets. There isn’t much new stuff here,if you already seen the contents of the Hotshot pack which is previewable on live servers now. There is some concept art of Selkath NPCs and a Wookie NPC that is interesting though. These guys will apparently play a big role in the further installments of Forged Alliances storyline.   Cartel Market     Coruscant Bedroom/Coruscant View   Nar Shaddaa...

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Todd Stashwick Co-Writing Visceral’s Star Wars Game

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  Writer and actor Todd Stashwick will co-write Visceral Games’ Star Wars project alongside ex-Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig. Hennig tweeted yesterday, “Thrilled to announce that my friend @ToddStashwick will be joining me as co-writer on the Star Wars project for @VisceralGames @EA!” Thrilled to announce that my friend @ToddStashwick will be joining me as co-writer on the Star Wars project for @VisceralGames @EA ! — Amy Hennig (@amy_hennig) April 11, 2014   You might know Stashwik’s voice, if anything because he narrated the teaser trailer of the upcoming Uncharted for PS4. Visceral announced Hennig as creative director and writer of its Star Wars game earlier in April. The idea itself is already...

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New Double XP Weekend Coming 5/2 – 5/5

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3 double XP weekends in 2 months?! I wonder if Bioware has a marriage counseling program for their players? I may need one if they keep giving me excuses play SWTOR all weekend. A thing to note is that Double XP event will be on Star Wars Day. Now we just need a Episode VII casting announcement on May the Fourth and it will be a great weekend. Source DON’T MISS UPCOMING DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS: APRIL 11 – 14 AND MAY 2-5! Get Double XP between April 11 – 14 and May 2-5 during the following times: STARTS: Fridays April 11, 2014 and May 2, 2014, 11AM PDT / 6PM GMT ENDS: Mondays April 14, 2014 and May 5, 2014, 12AM PDT / 7AM GMT Achieve even faster gains with XP Boosts, available in the Cartel Market. Level 55 players can also earn double Legacy...

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