Activate a Retail Copy on a Preferred Account for a 30-Day Sub


Back when the Microsoft Store was having it’s deal on copies of SWTOR, many players decided to take advantage of this offer to get a second account or even buy an account for a friend or family member. Some people were asking questions about going from preferred to subscriber status by using a retail box code. The question has been tossed around about whether or not this is possible.

Comments were split on whether or not this is possible, with some people saying it was and others saying it was not. So some users tested it. If you have not subscribed before, and you buy the retail box and activate it, you can get the 30-day sub for free. After the 30-day period, the game will then place you as a Preferred player.

But the magic question is will it work if you have already subbed before?

It doesn’t seem to work if you are already a previous subscriber. Has anyone tested this as a preferred customer to see if you can then get the 30 days with it?

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