Server Lag Being Reduced with game update 3.0.1

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Bioware is fixing the server lag issues that came with game update 3.0. hopefully they do not nerf instance sizes though, but it looks like it.

Hey folks,

First off, I apologize if you feel that we haven’t communicated around looking into the lag/delay issues which have been happening since 3.0 launched. When 3.0 / SoR early access started there were quite a few issues around things like ability delay. We worked very quickly to make some changes to our “instances” in order to help alleviate those problems.

Since then we have been monitoring lag across the game and making adjustments as best we can to remove any issues that players are experiencing. Tomorrow we are adjusting things further in hopes that this will further improve performance or even completely remove those issues. That said, we are always going to be looking at performance and making improvements where possible. We want you to have the best experience you can while journeying through Rishi and Yavin 4!


Second Post:


Does that just regard the ability delay or also the FPS drops in warzones and operations?
I know that we are aware of all of the issues you listed. Abilities along with performance in WZs, Ops, and planetary content. I believe a lot of the fixes we have put in prior, and tomorrow, are targeted primarily at planets. However, I would need to verify. Like I said, I know we are aware of and looking into Ops and WZs as well!


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I think he is referring to whether you are addressing both server performance (i.e., lag, which mostly noticeably affects ability activation) as well as client performance (i.e., fps issues and/or stuttering). I’m glad you’re working to address the server issues, but do you have any ETA or information on work being done to address client performance?
Yup, totally understand! I do not have an ETA right now but I can tell you we are aware and looking into those issues as well.


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