SWTOR Anaheim 2015 Cantina Tour Flash Drive Files

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Vulkk already posted an excellent recap video of the SWTOR Community Cantina Event from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015. But if you are interested in watching the whole vent, we have the video for you here. Below the video you can check out all the cool stuff from the 2015 Cantina Tour Flash Drive Files: Secret File Inside the thumbdrive is this file named as secretfile. The tag line is Hidden Away in the Dark of the Galaxy, Remained a Secret. The hidden image has now been uncovered and posted below:     Yavin 4 Stronghold Ziost Cartel...

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SWTOR Game Update 3.2.1 PTS Class + Combat Changes

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The SWTOR Public test server have been updated with patch 3.2.1. Below are the patch notes:   PTS Game Update 3.2.1 All content and features on the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. Classes + Combat General While on full Resolve, players now receive a 50% Slow in place of any effect that would normally Immobilize them. This Slow effect has the same duration and conditions as the Immobilize effect that would occur under normal circumstances. For example, if the Immobilize can break early when damage is taken, then so can the Slow that replaces it. Immobilizing effects still do not generate Resolve, they simply react differently when they encounter a target that has a full Resolve bar. These changes only apply to PvP combat. Jedi Knight Sentinel New Heroic Utility: Ardor. Transcendence no longer requires or consumes Centering, but triggers a 30 second cooldown when activated. This Utility replaces Force Aegis. Enduring now additionally increases the...

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Clarification on SWTOR Season 4 Weapon Rewards

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  SWTOR developer Alex Modny responded to some questions regarding the upcoming season 4 PvP weapon rewards. Season 4 Weapon Rewards | 04.16.2015, 01:58 PM Originally Posted by Jinre_the_Jedi Two questions: 1)Will the weapons have particle effects like the S3 ones? 2) Will we get off hands too? Specifically vibroknives and generator/shields? 1) There aren’t any fire-esque visual effects on the Swashbuckling weapons but they do have visual effects that adjust to the color crystal attached. In the teaser blog you can see the circle/gears on the side of the blasters, those rotate and glow pretty fantastically. On the lightsabers the crystal glows at the base of the hilt and right above the guard. More extravagant visual effects are great and something we want to do more of for season rewards but creating ones that fit into the lore and aesthetic of the game is a delicate process. We would love to hear your ideas on visual effects and share with us what you would like to see in...

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Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday April 14 – 212015

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  Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for the week of Feb 24 – Mar 04 2015. All items take from reddit. Price Change Old Price New Price Percent Change Normal Price Helpful links CORSEC ELECTROBATON 200 400 +100% 400 Information from TOR FASHION EMOTE: POSSESSED 90 400 +344% 400 Information from TOR FASHION CARBONITE CHAMBER 240 480 +100% 480 GALACTIC TRADE NETWORK (KIOSK) 120 90 -25% 120 CARGO BAY 115 87 -25% 115 5-PACK: MAJOR EXPERIENCE BOOST 360 270 -25% 315 DYE MODULE KIT 200 150 -25% 200 CZERKA CR-17 INCENDIA SPEEDER 1800 900 -50% 1800 Information from TOR FASHION SATELE SHAN’S DUALSABER 500 250 -50% 375     [Image via...

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Pazaak’s Not-So-Distant Relative

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While the subject hasn’t been touched in a number of months, it’s worth noting that we have written about the game of Pazaak in the past. And in doing so, we’ve mentioned briefly that it shares some common themes with one of the more popular card games played in our galaxy: blackjack. It’s true that there are several very similar concepts shared by the two, such as the fact that you never want to go over a certain amount—20 in Pazaak and 21 in blackjack—and that the stakes are often pretty high. It’s true that there are tales of games of Pazaak that don’t include some form of gambling, but they quickly walked into that more competitive territory as its popularity grew. That all being said, it’s actually another game in the Star Wars universe that has ties to both Pazaak and blackjack: Sabacc. Before diving into Sabacc and its relation to Star Wars lore, let’s take a deeper look at the game of blackjack, just in case you’re in need...

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