Swtor-mined: Guild Conquests/Guild Flagships

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SWTOR Miner is a bussy little bee these days. With the new patch comes tons and tones of new stuff to discover. Here the latest info he digged up about Gild Conquests/Guild Flagships. Now don’t go and get yourself banned by posting/dicussing any information mined by me on the Official SWTOR Forums. Guild Conquests/Guild Flagships Details Initial Purchase Cost: 50 million credits: 130 million credits plus Conquest items to fully unlock “Room” unlock costs: 5 million credits + Conquest items 16 unlockable rooms “Invading the planet will commit your guild’s flagship to compete on this planet’s leaderboard for this conquest event. If you place in the top spot, you will conquer the planet at the end of the event.” “You cannot invade a planet in the last 3 days of a conquest event. You must lock in your commitment beforehand.” You must possess a gold key to the guild flagship in order to commit to an invasion. “Flagship commitment for this...

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SWTOR Manaan Flashpoint – first look

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This post contains spoilers so you have been warned. Here are a bunch of screenshots and a short video of the new flashpoint planet. As of now, the planet is pretty empty, but we are also in the beginning stage of the beta test. Remember also to check out these this video made by mad sith assasin were he runs through the quest Forged Alliances Part 2 that comes with game update 2.9 and takes you to Manaan.   Manaan area map:  ...

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PTS 2.9 Build 1 – Patch Notes

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The public test servers are not yet ready, but it is now possible to download the patch. Eric Musco posted an update on the official forums on what to expect. Below his forum post, we have added the patch notes. As you will notice this week from the patch notes, not all of 2.9 is on PTS yet. The reason is that we want to make sure as much testing as possible is concentrated on both personal and guild strongholds. Here is what is available this week on PTS: Tatooine Stronghold Nar Shaddaa Stronghold Dromund Kaas Stronghold Coruscant Stronghold *All Strongholds available for both personal and guild use Stronghold decorations (including things like Legacy Storage) Public Listings Depths of Manaan Flashpoint Next week we will be implementing the following features: Guild Flagships Guild Conquests Personal Conquests Conquest Leaderboards In preparation for next week we want to let you know what you will need in order to get ready for the Guild features next week. In order to purchase a...

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Swtor-mined: 2.9 PTS Patch #1

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Game update 2.9 will be playable on the public test servers this weekend, but the patch is already available for download. As always SWTOR_Miner have been bussy datamining the patch for us.  There’s a huge amount of changes. A lot of data will be missing and/or incorrect in these files. He will need to examine the new data structures and see exactly what’s changed and update the output. Remember you can  now follow him on Twitter, @swtor_miner. He have been pretty active on there of late. Here’s the raw changes: New/Changed/Removed Abilities New/Changed/Removed Achievements New/Changed/Removed Areas New/Changed/Removed Codex Entries New/Changed/Removed Collection Entries New/Changed/Removed Conversations New/Changed/Removed Gom_Fields New/Changed/Removed GOM_Items New/Changed/Removed Items New/Changed/Removed Cartel Market Entries New/Changed/Removed Npcs New/Changed/Removed Quests New/Changed/Removed Ships New/Changed/Removed String Tables New/Changed/Removed...

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Developer Blogs: The Story of SWTOR, 2014

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Lead Writer, for Star Wars: The old Republic, Charles Boyd has posted a new blog post over at the official SWTOR Website. This time he talks about the game’s story and what we can expect to see in the upcomming game updates. Aparretnly the first chapter of the next major storyline is currently available via the Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion flashpoints. The first chapter in our next major storyline is already available: Forged Alliances, Part I. Comprised of two flashpoints, Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion, Part I will introduce you to some key new allies as well as the central mystery of the content yet to come. While you can always jump straight into these flashpoints with Group Finder whenever you’re looking for some action, the best way to experience the storyline is to find A7-M1 on Vaiken Spacedock or T3-G2 on Carrick Station—they’ll point you toward their masters and begin the overarching quests that connect Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion....

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