Galactic Living Ep3 Livestream Q&A Notes

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BioWare had another livestream yesterday, showing of gameupdate 2.9. This time Eric Musco and Courtney Woods showed how decorating will work. You can check it out below, but if you are more a reading type of person, Dulfy have put together the Q&A notes. These are readable below the video. Tomorrow the team will do a First Look Preview on Customizing a Dromund Kaas Skyrise Apartment with SWTOR Fansite OotiniCast. Q&A Rooms already exist inside a house but you cannot access them unless you unlock them first by interacting with the door of a specific room and pay the unlocking cost. Stronghold items that give you buffs? No items like that. Strongholds do give you rested XP. Fleet chat in strongholds or riot? Our current decision is still planetary chat. Can you become Kephess? Yes All strongholds have massive hooks to fit in ships. Some of them have roofs that may not fit the ship perfectly. Can we choose which room we unlock as the subscriber rewards? No, it is static and same...

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Legacy Storage Info

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With the upcoming game update to Star Wars the old Republic – Galactic Strongholds, BioWare will be introducing new legacy storage. Eric Musco took some time yesterday, updating the community on the official SWTOR forums on what to expect: here is a C/P: Hey folks, I know there are a few questions surrounding Legacy storage and although I can’t answer everything here are some of the bigger answers: How do I get Legacy storage? You will get Legacy storage for free with the completion of the “Introduction to Strongholds Mission” upon acquiring your first Stronghold. Legacy storage will also be craftable and is possible to appear on the Cartel Market. (In both cases this means it would be available on the GTN for credits as well) If I add another Legacy storage to my Stronghold, does this add more storage space? It does not. Adding more Legacy storage “units” will simply add another access point, similar to how the cargo hold works right now. You can...

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Status Update on Hood Toggle

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Eric Musco posted an update on the official forums yesterday regarding hood toggle. Eric replied to a user named Pingonaut who had the following question: It has been more than two years since the game launched, and that’s two years of players asking for a way to toggle the hoods on their outfits. In this Community Q&A from February 2012 we were told that the hood toggle likely be in the next major patch after Game Update 1.2. Delays are acceptable, this is not. He even goes so far as to say that the functionality will be available for our companions, as well. This means that the feature was being tested and worked on enough to where they could release such information. If there were problems or bugs with the hood toggle option that kept it from being released, why not tell us? Why just leave us in the dark, waiting for a word about it for two years? Why did they suddenly stop talking about it? Did they forget? Were they hoping we would forget? Just give us some...

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Calling all guilds!

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Hillary Nicole asking for your guild information on the official site. It’s unknown what she is up to yet, but I speculate that BioWare is restarting the guild program we had around when the game started. It might also have something to do with the guild ships coming with the next game update. Another guess would be potentially organizing live events, thus the request for an email. What do you guys think? Anyways. Below is the official announcement: Hey everyone, It’s about tiiiime I start collecting the contacts from guilds in SW:TOR. I guess this is a bit trickier, as I will need a tad bit more information from you all, so I set it up in a list-type format: Guild Name: Guild Leader(s): Primary Contact (email): Website (if any): Server: Faction: Guild Size: Focus (PvP, raiding, social, etc): Any Additional Info: Keep in mind that “not meeting requirements” is not a concern here. The additional information is for my own record keeping, really. It gives me...

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Stronghold Deactivation Clarification

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Eric Musco clarified an interesting question regarding Star Wars the oldRrepublic Galactic Strongholds on the official forums today. A user named Tsillah posted a question regarding deactivation of a stronghold. The questions was as following: Originally Posted by Tsillah View Post I was reading through dulfy’s notes…estream-notes/ and found the following interesting and worrying note: Upkeep cost to maintain strongholds? Nope but if you deactivate/retire a stronghold, it will cost you to reactivate it if you bought it with credits. If you bought it with cartel coins there is no reactivation fee. Now I’ve asked in the sticky thread above and during the last livestream but either they just keep missing the question or are unwilling to answer it but really I think with this starting in about a month’s time it’s not an unfair question to ask. Why would anyone retire a stronghold? The reason I ask the question is because...

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