SWTOR: Pax South Cantina Tour Flash Drive Files

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Here are the Pax South Cantina Tour files provided by Baa’nariim of Harbinger. Below is a run through of what attendance learned at the conference, as posted by dulfy on reddit.   New costume designer coming with patch 3.2 and a video will be added soon. The decision for action taken against ravagers exploiters finalized this morning. There will be a post from musco about it (no specific timeframe on when this will take action or the post will happen) There is no plan to change the new slot machine’s drop rate from its current form. They are sort of “afraid” of releasing future slot machines (future slot machines for other cartel reputations) due to the backlash and the controversy created by the community. Two more game expansions before end of the year. New Togruta race, new stronghold New planet Ziost in April They read Bruce Macleans developer letter which is slated for release on the website in 2 weeks. It’s included in the video below: Blow the images is...

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SWTOR Patch Notes – 3.0.2a – 1/21/15

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Here are the patch notes from today’s maintenance. General Item rarity outlines no longer disappear when an item placed in a Cargo Hold. Cartel Market The Contraband Slot Machine’s Jawa Junk drop rate has been reduced and Faction-specific Walker mounts have been added to the potential rewards. Flashpoints + Operations It is no longer possible to become unable to progress due to a stuck party member if someone is defeated during the Jos and Valk Beroya encounter in Blood Hunt. The Underlurker in Temple of Sacrifice will no long rush extremely quickly back to his target after using his Leap ability. Malaphar the Savage has a new “Frustrated Roar” ability, and now deals damage to all players participating in his Temple of Sacrifice encounter if he reaches 80% health and is unable to reach a target. [Image...

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SWTOR: Changes Coming in Todays (1/21) Maintenance

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Eric Musco updated the community on what to expect with todays patch. The complete patch notes are not yet available, but below update gives a good indication on the amount of fixes coming to the game. Check it out: EricMusco Changes Coming in Tomorrow’s (1/21) Maintenance | 01.20.2015, 04:28 PM Hey folks, First, as Tait alluded to we will be having a maintenance tomorrow, on Wednesday the 21st. We didn’t have our regular Tuesday maintenance due to the federal holiday here in the states. I wanted to let you know a few of the things coming in tomorrow’s patch: Item rarity borders will now show properly No more getting stuck in Blood Hunt if someone dies to Jos or Valk Beroya The Underlurker will no longer rush extremely quickly back to his target after leaping There have been adjustments made to the Contraband Slot Machine (more on this in a second) There is also one other fix, check the final patch notes for more info Let’s talk about the changes coming to the Contraband...

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SWTOR: Changes to the Cartel Market — January 20 – 27 2015

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  Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for the week of Jan 20-27. All items take from reddit. New Discounts Data Entry – 300 CC (50% OFF) Species Unlock: Cathar – 450 CC (25% OFF) Sienar PR-3 – 900 CC (50% OFF) Satele Shan’s Sparring Lightsaber – 250 CC (50% OFF) Satele Shan’s Sparring Dualsaber – 250 CC (50% OFF) Rancor Holo-Replica – 30 CC (75% OFF) Stalwart Protector Armor Set – 720 CC (50% OFF) Image via...

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SWTOR: New Maintenance: Update 3.0.2a on Jan 21

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  BioWare will be taking down the SWTOR servers tomorrow on Jan 21 for patch 3.0.2a maintenance. Check out the details below: Maintenance: 21 January 2015 | 01.20.2015, 08:50 PM Hey everyone! We will be taking the servers offline in order to apply Patch 3.0.2a. Details: DATE: Wednesday, January 21st 2-15 TIME: 5AM PST (11AM GMT) – 7AM PST (1PM GMT) VERSION: 3.0.2a Eric will be making a follow-up post today that gives more detail regarding the patch. Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! Timezone(s) Start Time End Time UTC Offset Australia/Sydney January 21, 0002 11:04 pm January 22, 0002 01:04 am +10:04 Australia/Adelaide January 21, 0002 10:14 pm January 22, 0002 12:14 am +09:14 Australia/Brisbane January 21, 0002 11:12 pm January 22, 0002 01:12 am +10:12 Tokyo January 21, 0002 10:18 pm January 22, 0002 12:18 am +09:18 Australia/Perth, Hong Kong January 21, 0002 08:43 pm January 21, 0002 10:43 pm +07:43 Mumbai January 21, 0002 06:53 pm...

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