SWTOR PTS Update: Armor Weight Restrictions removed from Outfit Designer

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  Tait Watson posted an update from the public test servers. BioWare will be removing armor weight restrictions from the upcoming Outfit Designer. As we understand it, this will mean that light armor classes can now wear heavy armor etc in the outfit designer and heavy armor classes can wear light armor. Check it out: Outfit designer still obeys class/armor restrictions | 03.30.2015, 05:41 PM Hey everyone, We were able to get the change to armor weight restrictions implemented, and it will be available on the PTS with the bug fix build that is going live today. -Tait PTS Update – March 30th, 2015 | 03.30.2015, 05:43 PM Hey folks! We will be taking down the PTS shortly in order to apply a small bug fix patch. As we don’t note bug fixes on PTS builds, no notes will accompany this update. However, I do want to point out that the armor weight restrictions for the Outfit Designer will be removed as of this update! Additionally, we will have another update later this week that will...

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SWTOR Double XP this Weekend March 27-30

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  BioWare is launching a surprise double XP weekend right now until march 30.: FROM STORY MISSIONS TO PVP WARZONES, ADVANCE AT DOUBLE THE SPEED! Get Double XP from March 27 – 30 during the following times: • STARTS: Friday, March 27, 2015 11AM PDT / 6PM GMT • ENDS: Monday, March 30, 2015 12AM PDT / 7AM GMT Enjoy Double XP this weekend! Achieve even faster gains with XP Boosts, available in the Cartel market. Level 60 players can also earn double Legacy XP – jump in now! Source:...

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SWTOR Outfit Designer Restrictions

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  Tait Watson posted an update on the offocial forums regarding Outfit Designer restrictions. BioWaer is still mproving the Outfit Designer and will add in some of the requested features after 3.2 Outfit designer still obeys class/armor restrictions | 03.25.2015, 04:02 PM Hey everyone, We think having the Outfit Designer ignore armor weight restrictions is a great idea! We are actively exploring changing this now, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know anything else. I’ve also seen the mention of weapons and Companions being included in the Outfit Designer. Even though it may not seem like it, adding an Outfit Designer tab for Companions would effectively be creating a new system. Due to this we won’t be implementing one for 3.2, but will look into the option for a future release. Similarly, adding the ability to stamp weapons would require a lot of changes to the backend of the system that is currently in place, so it is unfortunately not feasible for a Game Update 3.2...

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New member of the Austin Community team: Nick Avola

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Meet the newest member of the Bioware Austin Community team  Nick Avola. He’s Holding a Thermal Detonator! Hey all! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the newest member of the Bioware Austin Community team. My name is Nick Avola, and I have the daunting (yet exciting) task of playing third fiddle on a team directly involved in all areas of our games – from player feedback, to design considerations, to promotions, to communications, you name it. Much of my time will be spent scouring the forums, blogisphere, and social media platforms to track community sentiment on a day-to-day basis. I’ll be consolidating your comments and concerns into detailed reports, which will be disseminated regularly amongst the Community, Development, Leadership, and other key teams here at BioWare Austin. The sooner your feedback reaches the eyes and ears of senior staffers, the more accurately and effectively we can respond in kind, and I will be working overtime to fine-tune this...

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Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday March 24 -31 2015

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  Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for the week of Feb 24 – Mar 04 2015. All items take from reddit. New Items Price Helpful links HYPERCRATE: MASTER’S SHADOW PACKS 5400 MASTER’S SHADOW PACK 250 Price Change Old Price New Price Percent Change Normal Price Helpful links 30-DAY STARFIGHTER PASS 360 720 +100% 720 VX-9 REDEEMER 1080 1800 +66% 1800 VX-9 MAILOC 1080 1800 +66% 1800 G-X1 ONSLAUGHT 1080 1800 +66% 1800 G-X1 FIREHAULER 1080 1800 +66% 1800 TZ-24 ENFORCER 1080 1800 +66% 1800 TZ-24 GLADIATOR 1080 1800 +66% 1800 LEGACY UNLOCK: RATTATAKI 600 300 -50% 450 LEGACY UNLOCK: MIRIALAN 600 300 -50% 450 CELEBRATION MISHAP 400 200 -50% 300 KICK BALL 400 200 -50% 300 UNDERWORLD ESSENTIALS BUNDLE 700 280 -60% 490 IMPERIAL ESSENTIALS BUNDLE 500 225 -55% 428 REPUBLIC ESSENTIALS BUNDLE 500 225 -55% 428 [Image via...

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