SWTOR Sith Warrior Juggernaut Leveling Build For 2.5

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CJ from  from swtorsavior.com send over a new leveling build. This time it’s for the Sith Warrior Juggernaut. For players who prefer to jump into a fight head first and with reckless abandon, then perhaps the Sith Warrior is the class for them. Quick, powerful and ruthless, the Sith Warrior is a flurry of lightsaber slashes and stabs, leaving a trail of bodies behind him. The Juggernaut advanced class can withstand any attack unleashed upon him. In this article, we will look into the Juggernaut advanced class and explore his various skill trees, abilities and everything in between.   You can also see how your build should look when set up here: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#101MMZcMzZfMrkrGkRfcz.3 Here are some rotations you can use: Single Target: Sundering Assault > Obliterate > Smash > Force Crush > Force Choke > Vicious Throw > Force Scream > Ravage > Saber Throw Try and use Saber Throw or Assault if you fall below 7 rage. You can use Obliterate to activate Dominate. You can use Force Crush to build up the Shockwave buff. Use Smash when you are buffed by both Dominate and Shockwave. Multiple Target Rotation: Sundering Assault > Smash > Sweeping Slash > Assault Survival Options: Endure Pain Saber Ward Unleash Enraged Defence Saber Reflect If you want a COMPLETE set of builds for 2.5 for ALL classes, video guides and an EXTENSIVE Leveling guide as well as a community forum check...

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Jedi Consular Shadow Leveling Build For 2.5

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CJ from Swtor Savior have mailed us a new build for game update 2.5. This one is for the Jedi Consular Shadow and is a leveling build. The Jedi Shadow is an advanced class of the Jedi Consular. Quick and deadly, this melee DPS / Tank fighter uses the force to pummel its enemies into submission and to guard its allies from the battles that wait in a galaxy far far away. Jedi Shadows, while sharing the same starting class, are vastly different than their Jedi Sage counterparts. They can’t heal, but they make up for it in their ability to not only tank, but also utilize stealth to sneak in and out of battle, assassinating enemies of the Empire. Here is how you allocate the points: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#601bc0cZcZfMfRrrkrrzz.3   Rotations to use: Single Target: Force In Balance > Mind Crush > Force Strike > Sever Force > Spinning Strike > Shadow Strike > Force Breach > Double Strike > Project > Saber Strike Multiple Target Rotation: Force In Balance > Force Wave > Whirling Blow Survival Options: Force Cloak Deflection Force Of Will Phase Walk If you want a COMPLETE set of builds for 2.5 for ALL classes, video guides and an EXTENSIVE Leveling guide as well as a community forum check out SWTOR...

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SWTOR Sith Warrior Juggernaut PVP Build

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  Here we are again with a build from www.swtorsavior.com and this time they have bought us an Sith Warrior Juggernaut PVP Build. The Sith Warrior Juggernaut PVP builds listed below, focus on talents and abilities with potential for either sustained or burst DPS in combination with utility and adaptability. These Sith Juggernaut builds perform best in a Warzone or other group PVP setting. Build  3/3 Malice 2/2 Decimate 2/2 Battle Cry 2/2 Strangulate 2/2 Overpower 1/1 Brutality 2/2 Saber Strength 2/2 Oppressor 1/1 Obliterate 2/2 Dominate 3/3 Shockwave 1/1 Force Jump 2/2 Shi-Cho Mastery 1/1 Force Lash 1/1 Gravity Manipulation 3/3 Dark Resonance 2/2 Force Resistance 3/3 Cascading Power 1/1 Force Crush 3/3 Single Saber Mastery 2/2 Improved Sundering Assault 2/2 Enraged Sunder 2/2 Ravanger 1/2 Dreadnaught Stat Priority Expertise > Strength >  Power > Surge  > Crit As always I I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all swtorsavior.com amazing features. It is available...

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SWTOR Imperial Agent Operative Leveling Build

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  Imperial Agents in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, an Operative (DPS / Healing Class) or a Sniper (Ranged DPS). The Operative is a ranged DPS/Healing class with light armor. Operatives have three trees to choose talents from: Medicine (Healing tree), Concealment (DPS tree) and Lethality (a shared DPS tree shared with the Sniper Class). Below Is a new build  from www.swtorsavior.com as well as some rotations that you can use while leveling. First off here is how you allocate the points for the build 3/3 Lethality 2/2 Deadly Directive 2/2 Hit and Run 2/2 Slip Away 1/1 Lethal Injectors 2/2 Corrosive Microbes 2/2 Combat Stims 1/1 Corrosive Grenade 2/2 Cut Down 2/2 Escape Plan 1/1 Lethal Dose 2/2 Lethal Purpose 1/1 Cull 2/2 License To Kill 2/2 Counter Strike 3/3 Devouring Microbes 1/1 Toxic Regulators 1/1 Lingering Toxics 3/3 Fatality 1/1 Weakening Blast 3/3 Imperial Brew 2/2 Concealed Attacks 2/2 Infiltrator 3/3 Imperial Education Rotations: Single Target: Hidden Strike > Shiv > Cull > Corrosive Grenade > Corrosive Dart > Weakening Blast > Backstab > Rifle Shot Try and keep your Energy Regen up and above 60 at all times. You can use Rifle Shot if you fall below 60. Keep Tactical Advantage up at all times. Maintain the Debuff from Weakening Blast. Multiple Target Rotation: Orbital Strike > Corrosive Grenade > Fragmentation Grenade > Carbine Burst Survival Options: Evasion Shield Probe Cloaking Screen Escape Exfiltrate Countermeasures To get a complete leveling guide and builds for all classes as well as an extensive PVP guide check...

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SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper Leveling Build For 2.1

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Here we are again with a build from www.swtorsavior.com and this time they have bought us an Imperial Agent Sniper build for leveling. The Imperial Agent Sniper is basically a pure DPS spec class and cunning will be your main stat that you should aim for on all your gear.  However if you have just started the game and you are looking for a strong leveling build for the Sniper this should help you out! Also you will get the point allocation and the rotations that you need: Build 3/3 Marksmanship 2/2 Ballistic Dampers 2/2 Steady Shots 2/2 Precision Ambush 1/1 Heavy Shot 2/2 Zeroing Shots 2/2 Snapshot 1/1 Diversion 1/1 Snipers Nest 1/1 Sector Ranger 1/1 Rapid Fire 2/2 Between The Eyes 1/1 Followthrough 2/2 Recoil Control 2/2 Seek Cover 2/2 Pillbox Sniper 3/3 Imperial Assassin 2/2 Siege Bunker 1/1 Muzzle Fluting 1/1 Headshot 1/1 Portable Bunker 1/1 Sniper Volley 3/3 Gearhead 2/2 Energy Tanks 2/3 Explosive Engineering 3/3 Lethality Rotations: Single Target: Scatter Shot > Series Of Shots > Snipe > Takedown > Ambush >Corrosive Dart > Orbital Strike > Rifle Shot Try and maximise Energy regen. Try and stay above 60 energy if you can and you can use rifle shot if you fall below that. Keep debuff active from Scatter Shot. Multiple Target: Orbital Strike > Fragmentation Grenade > Suppressive Fire Survival Options: Shield Probe Ballistic Shield Evasion Countermeasures Escape Coveted To get a complete leveling guide and builds for all classes as well as an extensive PVP guide check...

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