DOUBLE XP WEEK: JULY 1 – 7, 2014

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Star Wars: The old Republic will be having a full week of double xp this summer. So if you are not doing anything this july 4 th, now is the time to level your alts. As always, the double xp bonus stacks with all other leveling bonuses you can get in the game. 06.27.2014 Double XP is back for an entire week! Whether you’re a new or experienced player, take advantage of Double XP and Legacy XP to level up your main character faster or to create an alternate character and enjoy a new class story and gameplay! Double XP and Legacy XP will be active during the following time: Starts: July 1, 2014 (11AM PDT / 6PM GMT) Ends: July 7, 2014 (12AM PDT / 7AM GMT) With the recent release of Game Update 2.8: Spoils of War, now is a great to check out the new Operations group finder that makes it easier than ever before to team up and experience Story Mode Operations! There is truly something for everyone, so stay cool and jump in! Visit for more details about Double XP...

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Are Double XP Weekends Helpful to SWTOR Community?

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So we talk about SWTOR Double XP weekends a lot here, for obvious reasons. But let’s consider for a moment if they are not really as good for the community as they may seem. Just for the sake of discussion, let’s look at it from another perspective. What happens during a double XP weekend? Generally, more players flock back to the game who never got around to leveling up alts. Some might bring their friends as well. Or you might even get some brand new players to the game who just want to take advantage of the opportunity to level up fast. Double XP from the event combined with any other Cartel Market boosters or guild bonuses and you can get level 20 before leaving the planet you’re on. You could get to max level in one solid weekend of playing, even if you just created the character. So this is a good thing, right? Well, it might be. For those who have already seen the content and storyline, boosting another toon through quickly means you’re not really missing anything. You’ve seen...

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New Double XP Weekend Coming 5/2 – 5/5

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3 double XP weekends in 2 months?! I wonder if Bioware has a marriage counseling program for their players? I may need one if they keep giving me excuses play SWTOR all weekend. A thing to note is that Double XP event will be on Star Wars Day. Now we just need a Episode VII casting announcement on May the Fourth and it will be a great weekend. Source DON’T MISS UPCOMING DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS: APRIL 11 – 14 AND MAY 2-5! Get Double XP between April 11 – 14 and May 2-5 during the following times: STARTS: Fridays April 11, 2014 and May 2, 2014, 11AM PDT / 6PM GMT ENDS: Mondays April 14, 2014 and May 5, 2014, 12AM PDT / 7AM GMT Achieve even faster gains with XP Boosts, available in the Cartel Market. Level 55 players can also earn double Legacy XP – so jump in now and May the Fourth be with...

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Extended Double XP Weekend!

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Now it’s time to level up your alts! BioWare will be starting Double XP weekend that will run from november 27th til december 3rd. So many alts, so little time… DOUBLE XP – JUST IN TIME FOR GALACTIC STARFIGHTER! Enjoy an extended Double XP weekend this Thanksgiving holiday as you prepare to take your battle to space in Galactic Starfighter, the new Free-to-Play Digital Expansion featuring 12v12 Star Wars™ space combat. Subscriber Early Access for Galactic Starfighter begins December 3rd. Subscribe now to get early access, exclusive Starship paint jobs, and more! DOUBLE XP WEEKEND DATES Earn Double XP and level your characters faster during the following times: STARTS: Wednesday, November 27, 2013, 10AM PST / 6PM GMT ENDS: Sunday, December 1, 2013, 11PM PST / Monday, December 2, 2013, 7AM GMT Achieve even faster gains with XP Boosts, available in the Cartel Market. Level 55 players can also earn double Legacy XP – so jump in now!   Time Zone Start Time End Time UTC...

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SWTOR Imperial Agent Operative Leveling Build

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  Imperial Agents in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, an Operative (DPS / Healing Class) or a Sniper (Ranged DPS). The Operative is a ranged DPS/Healing class with light armor. Operatives have three trees to choose talents from: Medicine (Healing tree), Concealment (DPS tree) and Lethality (a shared DPS tree shared with the Sniper Class). Below Is a new build  from as well as some rotations that you can use while leveling. First off here is how you allocate the points for the build 3/3 Lethality 2/2 Deadly Directive 2/2 Hit and Run 2/2 Slip Away 1/1 Lethal Injectors 2/2 Corrosive Microbes 2/2 Combat Stims 1/1 Corrosive Grenade 2/2 Cut Down 2/2 Escape Plan 1/1 Lethal Dose 2/2 Lethal Purpose 1/1 Cull 2/2 License To Kill 2/2 Counter Strike 3/3 Devouring Microbes 1/1 Toxic Regulators 1/1 Lingering Toxics 3/3 Fatality 1/1 Weakening Blast 3/3 Imperial Brew 2/2 Concealed Attacks 2/2 Infiltrator 3/3 Imperial Education Rotations: Single...

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