Patience you must have! Expansion announcement delayed…slightly


It’s the last day of the month and of course speculation is high about what the next SWToR expansion announcement is going to be. Fans have been talking about it in various places, including the official SWToR forums where Bioware is always keeping a close eye on what’s going on. One SWToR fan’s excitement caught the eye of Bioware and solicited a response from Senior Producer, Bruce McLean:

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Incomplete “Clone Wars” series episodes now available online for free


When the acquisition of Lucasarts and in extension the Star Wars Franchise, was completed by Disney one of the immediate effects of the deal was the cancellation of the sixth season of the Clone Wars animated series. The series always had a following and its abrupt end left a lot of story lines without a definite end. Disney however didn’t want to leave fans with their questions unanswered so they’re releasing the last four incomplete episodes of the series.

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Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion movie now available to stream


“Star Wars Rebels” is the earliest sample of Disney’s collaboration with Lucasarts after the latter’s acquisition by the former. The series is set 14 years after Episode III and 5 years before Episode IV, when the Empire is trying to firm its grip on the galaxy. While the official series premier is set for October 13 on Disney XD, fans have the chance to watch the opening to the series in the form of a short 45 minute movie titled “Spark of Rebellion”. You can stream the movie through Disney’s XD page once you enter your cable provider’s information (in the US).

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There is no death, there is the Force..

For some who never considered playing games like The Old Republic, the act of gaming is considered a wasteful task. On the other hand, some others might engage in gaming just to seek out a few hours of enjoyment. In many cases however, playing games like SWToR is all about the community around the game and the connection between people who share a common interest and passion in Star Wars and, in extension, SWToR. When a member or a group within this community experiences hardship then in many cases the community steps up and offers assistance or sympathy.

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TOR Radio: A galaxy of podcasts!


We’re back once again to cover the latest and greatest SWToR podcasts from the always active community. With the (rumored) launch of Patch 3.0 a lot of podcasters are wondering what Bioware has in store for them and their favorite MMO. It’s definitely no surprise that most of the shows that aired over the last week, focused on the upcoming expansion teaser trailer.

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SWToR up six spots in Raptr’s August Rankings


The latest expansion of Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR) seems to be paying dividends for Bioware. The recent content release called Galactic Strongholds, pushed the Star Wars themed MMO to the 14th spot in game rankings for the month of August according to Raptr. Other notable MMO appearances in the list include World Of Warcraft (no.2), Guild Wars 2 (no.12) and Final Fantasy XIV (no.1o). It’s worth noting that WildStar dropped off the list for the first time.

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SWToR Miner and (possibly) SWToR fan sites get a challenge from Bioware


You might have never heard of his name before, but if you have a moderate interest in SWToR you probably read about his work somewhere. SWTOR Miner is one more passionate fans of the game with a special skill. Every now and then he data mines SWToR source files for clues of what Bioware has in store for us next. In many cases, his findings get published In fan sites that are eager for more information about Bioware’s MMO.

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Results for Conquest Week 4 – The Dread War

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.48.17 PM

  I run and I have been asked to be a guest writer summarizing the conquests each week. Full reddit post here Week 4 of Strongholds are officially over. I wanted to point out a few interesting bits. The Harbinger once again shows that have some seriously dedicated guilds. Their lowest score by the wampa stampers beating the highest scores on most other servers. Once again on Jedi Covenant; Rancor Bait , Working as Intended , Hellbent , and Holocron get early leads on each of their planets and never drop below first place. Early on in the week they had first place secure. On Jung Ma the battle for Section X and Oricon were close. Until Sunday Umbra  seemed to have first place secure. But late on Sunday the remnants of hope finally managed to get past them and get first place. On Oricon, Uncharted Space and nightmare squadron kept going back and forth for first place….

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Former Electronic Arts (EA) CEO predicts free-to-play model evolution

Former Electronic Arts (EA) CEO, John Riccitiello is a controversial figure among gamers, especially with SWToR fans. During his tenure at EA, he spearheaded the strategy to develop and promote free-to-play games, an approach that Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR) fully embraced. During a recent interview with Gamespot. Mr. Riccitiello predicted that both premium and free-to-play pricing models will continue to exist with the later possibly evolving. He also stressed out that both models (and possibly others we haven’t seen), will continue to co-exist without one gaining the upper hand over others.

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