New Starship Pet from Amazon Cartel Coin Cards

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  As of today, there is now a new pet being issued with you buy Cartel Coin Cards. It’s confirmed with Amazon card purchases to US customers and some players are reporting the same thing from Best Buy cards but I have not tested this yet. 11/12/2013 UPDATE: The SWTOR Cartel Coins bundle now features an Imperial Scout “S-12 Blackbolt Starship mini-ship. All redemptions on made after 11/12/2013 at 10AM PST will get the new mini-ship rather than the old pet. You can see this yourself at Amazon: 11/12/2013 Important Note: SWTOR Cartel Coins bundle now features an Amazon exclusive Imperial Scout “S-12 Blackbolt Starship mini-ship.   KEY INFORMATION: The Amazon 2400 Cartel Coins Card comes with a unique rotating in-game item.  Key Redemptions after 11/12/2013 receive an Amazon exclusive in-game mini-ship, Imperial Scout “S-12 Blackbolt Starship To activate your 2400 Cartel Coins Card, follow these instructions: Go to and...

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Name Renewal details from the dev tracker

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community manager Eric Musco posted some clarification regarding the Name Renewal program that starts november 12, 2013. Bascially if you have a 30+ character you don’t really need to do anything, but if you have toons below that level, it will be a good idea to read the details below. EricMusco Character names poll for prefered and f2p | 11.06.2013, 12:39 PM Hey Liron! I wanted to clear up how the Name Renewal will work to alleviate any concerns that you have. You are obviously a subscriber right now, this means that even if you unsubscribe today, you will be completely unaffected. The reason is that you would then become a preferred status player. Preferred players are completely unaffected as long as they logged in to those specific characters within the last 90 days. Being how the name renewal is next week, that is far less than 90 days Here are the exact rules for Character Name Renewal: If you are a Free-to-Play player: If your character is below level 10, and you have...

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PSA: Dormant character names to be released back into the character name pool in november

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BioWare mailed this out to the player base yesterday. Just as Bruce Maclean wrote in his SWTOR Holiday Update, dormant character names to be released back into the character name pool in november. Good thing I saved my free rename! I’ve been waiting to change my names. I was really lazy the first 6 months of launch and just made names the same but changed the ending like ee, ou, ei etc Hello, We wanted to let you know that in November we will be initiating a “Character Name Renewal” program for all of our Free-to-Play and Preferred Status players. As a Subscriber, this offers you the benefit of more character names available in the pool! We are currently in the process of identifying accounts that have been inactive for prolonged periods. If those accounts do not login to each of the potentially impacted characters within the required timeframe the attached Character names will be released back into the general pool. This Character Name Renewal will have no effect on your...

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News from BioWare – Mercenary and Shadow Top Three Answers

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We’ve been in a bit of a slow phase when it comes to new news from Bioware about SWTOR but now we have some good stories coming from the devs as we rev up for 2.4. These are long, detailed and interesting posts to the official forums from the Bioware staff that help us know a little more about why they are doing some things that they are doing and what we can expect in the future. Here are some threads you need to check out if you have not already. STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Mercenary Top 3 Answers!   Here is a snippet of this post:   Overall, we feel that Mercenary/Commando DPS is in a fairly good place; however, we also feel that Mercenaries/Commandos could bring more to an operation as far as utility goes and that the classes pulling higher DPS than Mercenaries/Commandos are doing a bit more damage than we would like. Mercenaries/Commandos are not really underperforming in DPS as some sort of trade-off (unless the Mercenary/Commando actually is spending global...

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The SWTOR Movement- What It Is All About?

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I love to see gamers getting involved and invested into their communities and sometimes this means standing up and speaking out when you’re not happy with the way things are going. Game developers today know that the consumer rules all and they need to listen to the voice of the community to keep the cash flowing. So most game developers are very good about listening to what their audience has to say. In the end, everyone wins. But what if the demands of the gamers go too far? And who gets to determine what is “too far”? There are some members of the SWTOR community who have a bone or two to pick with Bioware and I have to admit, they have some pretty good points. However, some people think they’re being a tad too demanding and a little bit condescending in how they bring these desires to Bioware’s attention. An Open Letter to BioWare: Improving the Overall State of SWTOR will show you just what they’re up to. They’re calling it the “SWTOR Movement” and they are asking for signatures...

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