The TORParse In-Game Client Service is Back Online

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Alright gang, we’ve been bringing you news and updates about TORParse, including the new owners and their call for developers to help out. Well now we are very happy to tell you that they are back ONLINE! You can download the TORParse client or just learn more here. There are many different ingame overlay windows available, tons of customization and a dropdown menu to help you personalize how you want your info to parse. Companions are also fully supported. Take the experience of the TORParse website into your game with the TORParse In-Game Client! Getting setup is fast and easy. Below, you will find a list of features, screenshots and other information about the ingame client. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and highly valued. Head over to the TORParse forums and let us know what you think. Thanks and enjoy! Server status information can be located on the Help! page. Features The TORParse Ingame Client offers a vast array of features and useful data breakouts to get the most...

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Additional Personnel Files and Four More Picks for You

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From the developer blogs, we have some very useful personnel files that tell us a bit more about some of the SWTOR crew in upcoming operations. MESSAGE SOURCE: Lord Krovos RECIPIENT: Admiral Ranken REGARDING: Additional Recruitment MESSAGE READS: As you requested, our recruiters have secured four additional personnel to serve as flight crew in our forthcoming operations. I have collected their relevant data and my own notes below. They are an unorthodox lot, but I am confident we will find use for them all in time. NAME: Aven Geth SPECIES: Human AGE: 25 HOMEWORLD: Dromund Kaas RELEVANT SKILLS: Experienced shield technician. Has demonstrated admirable skill in combat situations. NOTES: Geth was officially discharged from the Imperial Navy under unclear circumstances unrelated to his mission performance – some kind of political maneuvering, no doubt, and nothing worthy of our concern. His eagerness to prove himself and return to official Imperial service will make him an enthusiastic...

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Happy SWTOR Two Year Anniversary from the Community Team

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We just passed the two-year anniversary of SWTOR. The funny part is today is my son’s birthday and I remember two years ago wondering which was coming first- my baby, or launch. For those of you who have been with us since the early days, you know we spent years prepping for this. It’s hard to believe sometimes that the game has been out two years already. Anyway, the SWTOR Community Team had some things to share with us all to commemorate the occasion. You can read the whole thing on their blog here. But let’s look at some snippets. From Courtney “The three things come to mind when I think back two years ago to the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, maybe more like coffee, that tingly feeling behind the eyeballs, and adrenaline. But it is safe to say that I will never forget December 20th, 2011.” From Amber “Has it really been two years already?!” followed by “Holy crap! Look how far we’ve come!” are the two things that keep spinning through my...

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Second Anniversary Rewards Coming December 17th

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BioWare will be celebrating the second anniversary of Star Wars: The old republic on Tuesday December 17th. With this they will be rewarding all players with players with exclusive Scout Starfighter Paint Jobs and 25 stacks of faction-based fireworks. Pretty boring rewards if you ask me. I still have last years fireworks sitting in a cargo hold on 95%(+-5%) of my toons. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one here that still hve it. The paint job is kinda cool but it only applies to my least used ship. Am I mad about it? No. Disappointed? Sure. It’s hard to get mad about a freebie. Not so hard to be disappointed about feeling slightly under-appreciated as a customer. Below is the announcement: We are excited to celebrate two years of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! As our thanks to you, we’ll be rewarding all players with exclusive Scout Starfighter Paint Jobs and 25 stacks of faction-based fireworks on December 17, 2013. With the YR-02 Imperial and Republic Scout...

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SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Is Back!

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If you missed your chance last month to participate in the SWTOR Bounty Contract Event, it’s making a return! All classes level 15 and up will be able to participate in this event. You will get rewards and exclusive items for completing these contracts. You also get a certificate you can use at the Cartel Bazaar vendor. Here’s some info on how to get started in case you have not done it before. has some tips: The Bounty Brokers Association needs you! The BBA have posted too many contracts for their regular membership to handle and are asking anyone Level 15 and above to answer the call of bounty hunting between December 10 – 17, 2013. Interested? We thought so! Here’s how to get started: 1.       First, travel to the Imperial or Republic Fleet, which is reachable by your ship’s galaxy map, transit shuttles, or the Emergency Fleet Pass. 2.       Then head to any of the four elevators on the main floor and look for the bounty hunters escorting carbonized bounties:...

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