Secret Space Project Preview #1

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SWTOR Miner is at it again. This time he has reassembled the individual pieces of the new ship models into something coherent. He managed to load complete models into Noesis, and view them. Right now it’s very time consuming to reassemble them, so expect more in the next coming weeks.  You can check out the full preview album of the Republic Striker ship in the bottom of this post. He also managed to dig out all the Space Tutorial Graphic (Ship UI Graphics) Check that out as well. Here is what we know from the latest data mining: The space update will have Free flight gameplay with a  a mixture of passive, active, and defensive combat abilities with several types of resource management: Below is a direct copy from his post: There will be Multiple Modes of Group vs Group Space PvP. It Looks like there will be several objective maps, and modes of play. (which you can solo/group queue for) Tiered advancement to unlock different Space combat upgrade items to use in your new...

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Cool New Star Wars Game: iOS Card Battling Game

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There’s a new Star Wars game on the way and this one sounds pretty interesting for those who like card battling games. Konami just announced a brand new Star Wars-centric card battling game called Star Wars: Force Collection for iOS. “It will have more than 230 heroes, villains, and vehicles from all six episodes” which will be used to build decks to complete quests, participate in “massive battle events,” and more. They said there will even be a light and dark side system. Details are still vague at this time but there is a bullet list with some details on the game’s website. It will be interesting to see how this game will develop over time. iPhone users have been asking for a new Star Wars game for some time now. What do you think- does this sound like a game you would want to try or will you leave it for the...

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Star Wars Insider Features 10th KOTOR Anniversary

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The newest issue of the Star Wars Insider has an article on the 10th anniversary of Knights of the Old Republic and the Star Wars and SWTOR community is buzzing about it this week. It’s actually a really good read and as always, it’s great to see some of our favorite games getting recognition that they deserve. Unless you purchase the digital download, there is no online copy of the article but someone did post some screenshots to an imgur album so you can read it and see the images so big thanks for that! If you look closely at the images, diehard KOTOR fans will notice a slight discrepancy with one of them. It’s on the last page- can you spot what it is? So in honor of this story and recognition of the anniversary of KOTOR, shout out in the comments and let us know what you love about...

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THE DREAD WAR and interview with Baron Deathmark

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BioWare posted a new update regarding the upcoming game update 2.4. The release date for this upcoming patch is still not yet available, but the infomation on what to expect is starting to come in. The new patch will feature new death match arenas, a new mission areas, and new level 55  Operations. In the first operation named The Dread Fortress, we get to fight one of the Dread Masters in person. In the other operation named The Dread Palace, the epic story of the Dread Masters’ saga concludes. The news update also includes news about the upcoming arenas, including a funny interview with   Baron Deathmark – the commentator on the new arenas. The guy actually posting in the thread with a swanky animated avatar even. The read the full story here and the interview with Mr. Deathmark here GATHER YOUR ALLIES FOR NEW OPERATIONS, STORY MISSIONS, AND WARZONE ARENAS CONFRONT THE DREAD MASTERS AND COMPETE IN THE WARZONE ARENAS OF DEATH! Get ready to team up with allies to confront the...

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Majestic Planets of SWTOR- Cool Art

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There are few things I love more than fan art. Here we have art made around the 20 planets that currently exist in SWTOR. And we just might see it grow when there are more planets added! It’s really a cool concept and I love how he chose to implement it. Majestic Planets of SWTOR by ~LordXidiin on deviantART From LordXidiin on Deviant Art, we have the Majestic Planets of SWTOR. Here is the description telling us more about this design: Inspired by a similar League of Legends montage of the champion profile pictures:…, I present to you the cavalcade of planets in Star Wars The Old Republic. These are the worlds of our lives in TOR. From left to right, the 20 planets are: Balmorra, Hutta, Corellia, Coruscant, Quesh, Tython, CZ-198, Ord Mantell, Belsavis, Dromund Kaas Oricon, Nar Shaddaa, Makeb, Tatooine, Korriban, Ilum, Taris, Voss, Alderaan, Hoth “Go then, there are other worlds than these…” “You must feel the Force around you;...

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