SWTOR May Promotions

SWTOR players will be experiencing many contests and promotions for the month of May. Hc   Heroic Subscriber Rewards All Knights of the Fallen Empire Story Chapters FREE for Subscribers! SUBSCRIBE NOW Unlock and Binge – Play the story so far! Get Early Access to ongoing Chapters plus monthly rewards inspired by the legendary HK-55 Assassin Droid™ (Be a Subscriber on the 1st of every month) Plus, receive monthly Complimentary Cartel Coins to spend in the in-game Cartel Market for collectible gear, weapons and more! ———————– CELEBRATE MAY THE FOURTH! Get your own Zakuulan Astromech Droid Mini-Pet*** plus Double XP! Play Now WHO: All players who log in between April 27 – May 4 WHAT & WHEN: Exciting rewards and special events! Log in and play between April 27 – May 4 to get your own M4-I6 Zakuulan Astromech Droid Mini-Pet! Get Double XP, Legacy XP, PvP Warzone Commendations and…

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Third Anniversary Promotion

Star Wars: The Old Republic is turning three later this month, and  to celebrate, BioWare is  making the game’s Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Stronghold housing instances available for just three credits. Even the 5,000 credit normal price is very small. I imagine it’s to help you get familiar with the process of buying them and travelling to them, so you aren’t lost when you want to try Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine. Other then that, BioWare are giving away some pretty interesting decorations for player housings and guildships. Namely a holographic projection of the galaxy, paintings, and a fireworks launcher. You can pick these up at the Anniversary Personnel vendor in the Strongholds area of the Fleet from December 16th through January 13th.     Help us celebrate three years of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! For a limited-time, move into Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds for only THREE CREDITS (normally 5,000…

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Danish Shops are starting to promote SWTOR

It pays to preorder SWTOR, at least if you order from certain Danish shops.This neat little find shows that many countries are already promoting pre-orders of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The sign says:“Order now – it pays off”“Double bonus points if you pre order” The Bonus points are a point system the shop has. You can trade the bonus points to discounts on games. (As if we needed more motivation to buy SWTOR!) Most video game stores and shops around the globe have similar deals and discounts in the works. There’s no word yet on whether or not BioWare will be offering special deals or discounts to Other gaming sites around the globe have had preorder deals up for as long back as 2010. says :Star Wars: The Old Republic£29.99 Free DeliveryPre-order. | Due for release on 28 Oct 2011 (later changed to “date to be confirmed”)…

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