Maby it should not be called Star Wars: Battlefront?

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EA and DICE seem intent on breaking my heart. First there’s the announcement that their upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title won’t feature any prequel content. Understandable. Then there was the neglecting of a single player campaign, Galactic Conquest Mode, space battles, and drivable AT-AT walkers: basically unforgivable. But I still held out hope. “This is a Star Wars Battlefront title, I have to believe…” Recently, DICE announced that the new game title will be replacing the class system of the older Star Wars games that have unlockable weapons and gear. We want you to ask yourself a question, what parts of this new Star Wars game makes you think it’s a Battlefront title? The title of the game, that’s it. Besides the fact that you will be shooting things in the Star Wars setting and landscape, this game does not have any features that made fans fall in love with the series. If we use their logic, Star Wars: Republic Commando, Dark Forces, and Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, should...

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Battlefront Third Person POV Distinction

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Star Wars; Battlefront veterans are happy about the inclusion of third person POV but many are concerned with the customization options of this. It seems very few vets actually played the game from a first person POV (if you were one of them, we want to hear from you in the comments) but there are some possible issues with the default perspective of the third person POV, at least for many players. Check out this image: You can see the difference above. Battlefront vets: what say you on this? Do you want to see changes made to the third person POV? Did you play in first person mode and plan to do so again? What is the benefit or potential downside to each? Some fans are concerned that DICE will not listen to player complaints and concerns and that they are taking a “we know best” approach to the game elements and play settings. However, if past examples are any indication, we can expect DICE will listen to the fans, especially on something as big as this. How do you think...

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Battlefront Will Run at Both 60fps AND 30fps on Consoles

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If you are planning to play Star Wars: Battlefront on your console, there is some good news. It will run at 60fps in multiplayer and 30fps in offline split screen, so that’s pretty good frames either way you look at it. This means console players will still get a good looking game as well as reaction time you want to see from a shooter. With the kind of graphics they have put into this (even on the console version), the fact that it is expected to play at 60 frames is good. we’ll probably expect to see a lower resolution on the consoles to help account for this but with a graphic-heavy game like this, it’s to be expected. And, if you’re curious at seeing the difference in 30 vs. the 60, here’s a handy little link that does JUST THAT:  ...

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How DICE used Photogrammetry to Capture Every Last Detail for Star Wars Battlefront

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After DICE visited the Lucasfilm Cultural Arts Museum and some of the original filming location for Star Wars, the studio artists had many pieces of inspiration for Star Wars: Battlefront. The crew had one mission and that was to return to the places where the Star Wars franchise all began. During their time they captured the basis for hi-res 3D models for the game and this was anything from huge redwood trees to Stormtrooper helmets. The major component during this process is called photogrammetry. “Photogrammetry is essentially the technique of processing still images to produce a high resolution 3D mesh,” explains Andrew Hamilton, Lead Environment Artist. “There are a number approaches to this, but they all involve taking photos of a subject in real-life and running it through photogrammetry software.” The software is given the images and then makes referenced points that are all based on the angles of the photo. This then has an end result of a highly detailed foundation that...

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I got in contact with an insider who got to play EA’s upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront, and we got some nice or not so nice info from his play session. I couldn’t get a screenshot or an unreleased asset from the game to back this leak, so take it however you want. Keep in mind that things might drastically change nearing release as these pieces of info are coming from a really early build of the game. It was said that a closed alpha test was done directly after the game’s second reveal at the Star Wars Celebration. This close alpha test was only done for a few EA employees and it ran for a week. This makes one believe that there will be a public alpha test held in Q3 2015 if they did decide to have one, and also a public beta test about a month before the game officially releases. The latest trailer for the game shows the Forest Moon of Endor and this is the same map that was played. The server held 40 testers, which was 20 players vs another 20 players during a new gaming mode...

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