Star Wars Battlefront: Is THIS How Heroes Work?!

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    By now we all know that Star Wars: Battlefront does not have an official release date as of yet, but the people at EA and DICE are working hard on the game right now. When it comes to first person shooter games there have been many changes in the gaming industry. The question is do you think Star Wars: Battlefront  will take on the form of Titanfall for the heroes? If DICE did follow the way Titanfall works each player will have an opportunity to play as a hero since the game is set on a timer. This would make it fair for every player in the game, but there are different ways DICE could make the game work. A player could become the hero once they have enough points, just like it works in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and their killstreak formula. However, this can make it where there are two heroes at the same time during the game and most people think there should only be one hero. We know there will be heroes in Star Wars: Battlefront 3, but what do you think they...

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Star Wars Battlefront Sticks To First Person Gameplay?

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Fans are becoming desperate to learn more about Star Wars: Battlefront and since EA is holding off on giving an official release date, everyone is crossing their fingers that it will at least have a date for E3. EA has not stated too much about the game and one area that has become a controversial topic is whether or not it will have the ability to play in 3rd person. What EA has stated thus far has made everyone nervous. They said that they will have at least one major FPS per year, starting with Star Wars: Battlefront this year and Battlefield 5 next year. This could be their way of non-officially stating that the game will be solely FPS style. One thing we can all agree on is if they make it FPS with no third person perspective ability in the game, fans are going to be VERY upset. Read more about this story and see what conclusion you can come to with the little information we have so far. With Star Wars: Battlefront continuing to lack in the release date department, we’re...

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Video Reveals Possible Features?

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There has been much speculation and controversy about Star Wars: Battlefront  because there has not been any solid information about the game except that it’s due to release late this year. Fans of the game could not find any information regarding the game as far as new abilities or gameplay information. Recently, a new video has been found on YouTube talking about what players will get to experience when it comes to new Force abilities. However, this new video has not been confirmed by the developers of the game or any other worthy source. There have been other videos that had information about gameplay but none of them have revealed as much as this one. The question is, do you think this information is viable and true? There have been a couple of other videos posted in regards to the gameplay, but nothing that is reportedly this revealing. The Force abilities that players might be familiar with from the last game include Force Pull, Force Saber Throw, Force Jump, Force Choke, Force...

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Star Wars Battlefront has Zombie Death Troopers? Here are the Changes We Want

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With the latest news and rumors about Star Wars: Battlefront comes many hopes and expectations. With the game being set to release sometime late this year many are praying that there are some major improvements and additions to the series. Campaign Style: Take it to the next level Many players want the new Star Wars installment to have more focus on the campaign mode. Many players enjoy multiplayer shootouts, but for those who enjoy the story and “mission” style, we think EA should focus more on the story portion of the game. It seems that gaming developers are starting to slack on the campaign modes and are focusing more on the online multiplayer experience. This is all great, but there are many people out there who want to play single style; solo. Hopefully, EA will put enough focus on both parts of the game for the sake of every type of player. Give Me More BOOM! Star Wars fans are not too shy to tell you they want more boom and pow in the new Star Wars: Battlefront game this...

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Star Wars: Battlefront vs EA’s Open World Star Wars Game!

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  The new and upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront has not received a release date as of yet, but we do know that the date of “Holiday 2015” means that we have something to look forward to. Hopefully we will have some excellent gaming before we get our hands on the new Battlefront game. The question we want to ask today is would you rather play Star Wars: Battlefront or EA’s Open World Star Wars game? The only information that has been released for Star Wars: Battlefront is that there should be a small connection to the Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens, something in the likeness of easter eggs or characters and ships. Kotaku confirmed that EA was in development of an open world style game set in the Star Wars universe, but there are no details about what the game will include. We think that it will not be another MMO since SWTOR is already going really well. We are assuming that it may take the style of GTA V, maby. Imagine being able to switch from different characters, one...

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