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Battlefront May Update Lined Up – What to Expect?

Closest to perfect game I've gotten

To address the alleged shallowness of their much-hyped Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE have come up with an impressive solution: throw content at the player-base every now and then and make that content as easy on the eyes and as appealing gameplay-wise as possible. Their recently released Outer Rim expansion represented the first stage of this strategy and it looks like it hit the nail on the head, although it came packed with bugs, which have to be ironed out. While the next DLC is scheduled for June, the team will not rest on their laurels till then. In fact, there’s a major update scheduled for May and although its release date is not yet set, most believe that it will come in the early part of the month. Obviously, the first objective of the update will be to iron out the problems and bugs brought about by Outer Rim, of…

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Some Great Outer Rim Easter Eggs and Canon-tributes

Some Great Outer Rim Easter Eggs and Canon-tributes

The first expansion pack to DICE’s popular Star Wars: Battlefront, Outer Rim, was sure to be a major hit with players, some of whom had decried a certain lack of depth plaguing the original release. Meant to address just that issue, Outer Rim brought tons of new content, including new locations like Jabba the Hutt’s palace and the factories of Sullust. The game has always done a great job in the authenticity department, placing players smack in the middle of the Star Wars universe, and through Outer Rim, that has been taken to a new level. In addition to graphical perfection, the creators of the game have been extremely keen on details, strewing several canon-references over the new locations. Jabba the Hutt’s throne-room is rife with such artifacts. In fact, the room itself is a rather iconic presence in this respect. Jabba’s throne is the centerpiece, but the rancor pit…

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More New Content Coming For Star Wars: Battlefront

More New Content Coming For Star Wars Battlefront

Emboldened by the success of their recently released Outer Rim Expansion, the creators of Star Wars: Battlefront have put out an announcement the other day, promising still more great content to come, some of which will apparently be free. While it’s been known for a while that Bespin is set to land in June, laden with new content, DICE have made public more details about it, as well as about the various events meant to drive player engagement scheduled for May. There will apparently be more community missions, double-score weekends, as well as special login events, all meant to hand players new opportunities to collect more XP, credits and items in ever more entertaining ways. In addition to all the above, there will be new Hutt Contracts as well, which will yield Star Card rewards, such as the Ion Neutralizer and the Bacta Bomb. On May 4, to celebrate Star…

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Gamefront is Shutting Down! Help Save the Star Wars: Battlefront Mods!

Help Save the Star Wars Battelfront Mods

Tragedy has struck the Star Wars: Battlefront community. Gamefront, a site that hosts mods and other media/software for a wide variety of games, has announced that their site will be shut down completely on April 30th, 2016. As a result, all files uploaded to the site will no longer be accessible. This site is the largest source of mods for SWBF1 and 2, and for all of those mods to vanish would be a tremendous loss. Fortunately, there are multiple resources to find these mods outside of Gamefront, however we cannot be sure that every file on the site is available elsewhere. So we’re calling on the community to help us ensure that the entire collection is preserved. We need volunteers to download mods from Gamefront and reupload them to ModDB.   Keep in mind that you’re gonna need good internet speed (>30Mbps both up and down) and plenty of…

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Outer Rim Update (4/15) Patch coming “early May”

Star Wars Battlefront new patch

Here is the newest update from DICE on Star Wars: Battlefront. Players can expect this new patch in early May. With Outer Rim just a short two weeks old, the team here at DICE is extremely happy that many of you are enjoying the new additions to the game like Jabba’s Palace, the new Extraction game mode, and of course our new heroes Nien Nunb and Greedo. We love hearing from you about the fun you’re having in the Outer Rim. However, we’re also hearing from some of you about some issues that are detracting from your experience and we wanted to talk you through our plan to address those here today. Specifically, some have had to deal with confusing UI feedback like Credits not showing up at the end of a match, Hutt Contract progression freezing or resetting, or – my award for most frustrating – having your Rank…

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Coming Soon to Star Wars Battlefront this Spring (

Coming Soon to Star Wars Battlefront this Spring

SUMMARY (full post below): Double XP, community events and special login events coming soon. Activities planned for May the 4th. “more options to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront offline” Berserker Trait, Bacta Bomb and Ion Neutralizer coming soon Bespin releases in June. Lando Calrissian & Dengar as Heroes. Fighter Squadron & Walker Assault confirmed. New blasters, star cards and game mode. 8 Heroes total for Season Pass holders (not 4 as previously thought) To the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ community: It’s been a busy 2016 for us so far, as we’ve been working on adding a lot of new, free* content to Star Wars Battlefront, while also launching the first expansion pack as part of Season Pass, Outer Rim. We’re excited to see that you’re enjoying the new maps we’ve added on Hoth, Tatooine, Sullust and Endor, that you’re out earning new weapons with Hutt Contracts, and for Outer Rim owners, that…

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Star Wars: Battlefront – Unused Audio Files Discovered

Star Wars Battlefront - Unused Audio Files Discovered

Initially plagued by an oft-decried lack of depth, DICE‘s Star Wars: Battlefront has come a long way from its not-so-humble beginnings. Its recently released Outer Rim expansion injected a lot of badly needed content into the game universe, including new and exciting locations, new heroes and new Star Cards, pulling it all off within the confines of the Star Wars canon/universe. Season Pass holders could get their hands on the DLC in March, while on April 5 it became available for everyone else, across all platforms. What’s more, players who aren’t yet ready to purchase Outer Rim, can try out some of its features, like the new weapons, in single-player mode. The bottom line is though that picking up the DLC is recommended as all future content-updates will be based on it, and won’t work without it. It has been clear for a while now that there’s plenty of new…

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All Star Wars: Battelfront Outer Rim and Update bugs

All Star Wars Battelfront Outer Rim and Update bugs

With the new game update comes a lot of new bugs.  Below is a list of items the Dice team is looking into based on community feedback and reports they are seeing. The team is digging into all of these and Dice will be providing updates as they can. Credits Not Being Rewarded: (You’re still getting the credits, but this is a UX issue causing the score to show 0) Rank 59-60 Crashing: Our team is looking into these misc reports post the hotfix and 3/19 server update, please post your game tag in the thread linked if you;re still having this issue. Kicked from servers when looking at friends profile: Invincibility Bug: Hutt Contract end game screen shows the same progress and never updates: Deluxe Edition Content Locked: Hutt Contract Challenge Progression Freezing or Resetting: Hutt Contracts Completed and Weapons Are Not Unlocking: Auto…

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Star Wars Battlefront Devs Update Outer Rim but Quiet on Bespin DLC

Star Wars Battlefront  Bespin DLC

So now that Outer Rim is here, the devs at Star Wars Battlefront are already teasing more new content. We know there are additional private match changes coming in the future but we’re not hearing much of anything (or anything at all) about the next upcoming DLC: Bespin. Bespin is set to release this summer sometime and Design & Trend via DICE lead designer Dennis Brännvall said a few words about upcoming content but none of them were about Bespin. Design & Trend reported on these updates from the devs recently: Since many gamers love playing “Star Wars Battlefront” with their friends, private matches are always a hot topic. In fact, we posted an article earlier this week that mentioned the possibility of two-person skirmishes and battles in the new Outer Rim DLC maps and modes. Since then, however, there have been a couple more developments to share. Namely, it appears that Brännvall’s…

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Does ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’s’ Outer Rim Bring the End Game?

Does Star Wars Battlefronts Outer Rim Bring the End Game

Star Wars: Battelfront:  Outer Rim is here and it’s time we start seeing reviews and opinions about the additional downloadable content so you can decide for yourself if you’re interested in playing it. Or maybe you’re already playing and you just want to see what others have to say about it. Well, we already know that the Outer Rim has increased the level cap to 60. What else do we know about it? Todd Kenreck, contributor to says it brings a much need end game. His summary: “The maps are richly detailed, the weapons fill some key gaps and the new heroes are a massive surprise. I give Star Wars: Battlefront’s Outer Rim an 8 out 10.” That’s a pretty good rating. So what are some reasons he likes the new content so much? Well, we’re hearing some of the same things from others who are playing. Extraction as a…

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