Star Wars: Battlefront

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Death Star DLC Devs Talk Ships, Costumes And Chewbacca’s Hero Ability

Star Wars Battlefront' Death Star DLC

“Star Wars Battlefront” Death Star DLC ship, costume and hero details have arrived thanks to the latest issue of Star Wars Insider, as transcribed by sources on Reddit. If  you want to know what to expect from the latest downloadable content. So first, we know that the Death Star is going to take us into space. What will we experience there? Ships are going to be a big part of the experience. You can also expect to see both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as part of the battle, along with their iconic ships. “If you’re flying your own TIE fighter within the vicinity of the Dark Lord your damage capability increases,” said DICE designer Dennis Brännvall. He added that “Luke’s ship is pretty similar to a normal X-wing, except R2-D2 is on board – he gives Luke the ability to repair the starfighter whenever it takes damage.” This is…

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GameSoundCon Adds ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Composer as Guest

Gordy Haab - Horde Fight Theme Star Wars Battlefront

If you were looking for a reason to visit or follow GameSoundCon, this is it. GameSoundCon, the annual conference for video game music and sound design in Los Angeles, has added multi-award winning film, game, and television composer Gordy Haab to its ‘all-star lineup’ of notable speakers. He has produced music for Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Walking Dead, Kinect Star Wars, and many others, including his most recent score for Star Wars: Battlefront.  This became one of the best-selling ever, received seven nominations and four wins at the 2016 G.A.N.G. Awards – earning, “Music Of The Year”, “Best Interactive Score”, “Best Audio Mix” and “Sound Design Of The Year”. Haab is amazing at what he does and is known for his ability to mix contemporary and traditional styles and create powerful, moving, memorable scores, as displayed in Battlefront. Even if you’re not a fan of the game, you will likely enjoy the great music. It’s…

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Star Wars Battlefront: New Death Star Details

Star Wars Battlefront New Death Star Details

As the release date of Star Wars: Battlefront‘s new Death Star DLC approaches, more and more details are revealed about the new content we’ll be treated to this time around, and it does indeed look better and better the closer we get to the end of summer. Among the latest details, we have a new game-mode called Battle Station – a fitting addition indeed, considering that the Death Star is a planet-size weapon/battle station and that the add-on revolves around it. The new game-mode is structured into three-phase missions, each phase of which is focused on a different objective. The first phase is perhaps the most intriguing of them all, because it has players flying A-wings and X-wings against enemy TIE interceptors and TIE fighters, marking the first time ever that Battlefront has in essence ventured into space – a rather surprising fact in and of itself, considering the pedigree…

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Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star New Mode Details

Star Wars Battlefron  Death Star New Mode Details

EA just posted news regarding the upcoming expansion Pack for Star Wars: Battlefront. The new The Death Star Expansion Pack takes the battle to space with a new game mode: Big announcements on the battlefront from Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this week. For the first time, we are taking Star Wars™ Battlefront™ to space in the latest expansion pack based on one of the most iconic weapons ever created – the Death Star. The new mode for the expansion pack shown at Gamescom is named Battle Station. This unique mode has players battling across 3 phases – each with a different objective. In Phase 1 you’ll be flying X-wings and A-wings against TIE fighters and TIE interceptors in space! The main objective in this phase is for Rebels to destroy enough TIE fighters until their Y-wing support can come in to weaken the Star Destroyer’s defenses. Once vulnerable, Rebel starfighters can…

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Galaxy in Turmoil Terminated, No Battlefront 3 Successor for Now

Galaxy in Turmoil

If you haven’t yet heard about Galaxy in Turmoil: it used to be the shall we say proposed successor of Free Radical’s abandoned Star Wars: Battlefront 3, pampered and brought up by FPS Frontwire Studios. Indeed, for a short while there, it looked like the fan-made revival of the popular title was actually viable. Back in June, Frontwire announced that they had secured the green light from Valve to share the game for free through Steam. Things have taken a very sudden southward turn though a couple of days ago, when a blog-post surfaced from Frontwire, effectively announcing the termination of the project. LucasFilm had apparently issued a cease and desist order regarding Galaxy in Turmoil back in June. Having committed resources, time and dedication, Frontwire didn’t throw in the towel straight away though. They tried to set up a meeting with LucasFilm, which they surprisingly got. As it turned…

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Millions are Still Playing Star Wars: Battlefront According to EA

Millions are Still Playing Star Wars Battlefront According to EA

Are people still playing Battlefront? Are there as many playing as there were when it first launched? According to EA, millions of people are still playing online shooter Star Wars: Battlefront. EA reported its financial results for the three month period ending 30th June, and during that time 6.6 million played DICE’s Star Wars game. To many players, these stats are surprising since it doesn’t seem like there is as much interest in the game as there was at launch. The Battlefront community seems to have dropped from its high after release in November 2015. Complaints litter the forums and other online communities surrounding the lack of content and depth of the gameplay. While EA may have tried to play on the current popularity of Star Wars to boost the game even more, it still seems to fall flat after you’ve played it for some time. The surprise is that not that…

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When Han Solo Meets Greedo : STAR WARS Battlefront Machinima

When Han Solo Meets Greedo

One afternoon on Tatooine, the bounty hunter Greedo is out to get revenge on his most hated enemy, the smuggler Han Solo. Hey, these things happen, right? In this video they do and it’s pretty good. The production quality of these shorts are really great and they are hilarious. If you’ve not watched Bombastic Gamer Films, then you want to check out more of their channel after this one we’ve linked you below. They have some great Star Wars videos but they also do other games and topics. Their Star Wars Battlefront machinimas are very popular. So you give it a watch and let us know: who shot first? For more Star Wars Battlefront and GTA V machinima, short films, movies, skits, cinematics, and funny moments, be sure to stay bombastic. Join the forum discussion on this post

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Death Star DLC Content Detailed, Screenshots Made Available

Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC

Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star DLC has been in the works for a while, churned through over and over by the rumor mills everywhere. We finally have some solid and reliable information concerning the content the new DLC is set to deliver, and there are a number of superb screenshots available as well, giving an actual visual glimpse into what DICE have up their sleeves this time. As scheduled, Death Star will launch next month, and above and beyond just delivering new content in the shape of new heroes, star cards, vehicles and locations, it will also deliver innovations like the multistage level design. Only recently announced, the feature is essentially about the automatic adjustment of mission parameters. Thus, players who progress through the game will actually amass experience, which will accompany them through the stages. At one point for instance, a player can find himself wreaking havoc on the…

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Next Star Wars: Battlefront DLC to Include Chewbacca

Next Star Wars Battlefront DLC to Include Chewbacca

For a true Star Wars fan, the inclusion of heroes like Nien Nunb and Greedo before the iconic Chewbacca never made much sense, unless his delay was purposely meant to increase anticipation – which was probably the case indeed. With Battlefront’s upcoming DLC called Death Star, Chewie will finally take his rightful place as Han Solo’s trusted partner in the game. Exactly what sort of firepower the wookie will bring isn’t yet clear, as the only confirmation of his upcoming introduction is currently nothing but a flimsy screenshot posted by EA a few days ago. Currently, there isn’t an actual trailer out for Death Star, but it is indeed a bit early for that: the DLC is only due out in September, and until then we’re bound to see more of Chewbacca in action. The other hero delivered by the Death Star DLC will be Bossk, another bounty-hunter for the…

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Star Wars: Battlefront Offline Single Player Mode Due Out Sooner than Expected?

Battlefront Offline Single Player Mode Due Out Sooner than Expected

Fresh on the heels of the release of Star Wars: Battlefront’s Bespin DLC come even more exciting news, news regarding the imminent and apparently sooner than expected release of a single-player, offline game mode called “Instant Action”. Indeed, Star Wars: Battlefront fans have been clamoring for such a feature to be added from the very beginning, its lack quite possibly one of the biggest problems that have beset the title thus far. The rumors come from Reddit, more precisely from a poster named “uninspired zebra” who has apparently done a bit of snooping around among the hidden files of the game and happened upon an Instant Action menu. The said menu belongs to the single-player mode, which is addressed to players who are lone-wolf types or who like to enjoy the content the game has to offer with a friend. By the looks of things, two game modes will be…

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