No Clone Wars in Star Wars: Battlefront (for Now)

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We’ve been keeping an eye on the development of DICE’s much-hyped Star Wars: Battlefront ever since the first few crumbs of information surfaced in this respect and it has been becoming increasingly clear that the game – which is indeed shaping up as a truly monumental and epic effort – will only cover a small part of the Star Wars universe, namely the original trilogy and its locations. While this is by no means bad news, it does mean that there will probably be no Clone Wars lore elements in the game. The Clone Wars era earned no mentioning in the impressive E3 trailer presented by the developer, the locations the team has scouted and the LucasFilm museum that the visited this summer are also indicative of an original trilogy-only focus. If anything, for the fans of the series, those awaiting the release of the title with bated breath, this is all good news though. Apparently, DICE are focused on fully capturing the magic of the Galactic Era for now, which never closes the door on...

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Will Star Wars: Battlefront Be the Best Star Wars Game Ever?

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There’s a lot of talk about Star Wars: Battlefront as the game gets closer to completion. Fans are anxious for another Star Wars game and at this point, just publishing and shipping a game with a Star Wars theme would be better than how other expected Star Wars titles have worked out recently. DICE wants to do more than just make a game, however. They want to create the “best Star Wars game ever”. That’s a big undertaking, depending on who you ask. However, developer DICE has a strong vision for Battlefront and they spoke with MCV about what they wanted to do with the game. “Historically DICE hasn’t worked on licenses that are not our own,” according to Battlefield studio’s general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson. “So this is different for us. If someone came to us with another licence then we’d probably say no, but, in this case, Star Wars has a very special place in our hearts. “So when the chance to work on this game...

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Star Wars Battlefront Could Be First DICE Game To Have Space Battles

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JediNews reports: The September issue of the Official Xbox Magazine has a brief article on page 39 that suggests a potential first for developer DICE with their highly anticipated upcoming Star Wars Battlefont title. Click the image above for a larger view to check it out.

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Star Wars Battlefront: to Tie in or Not to Tie in With Episode VII?

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Lately, there has been some speculation in regards to whether or not DICE’s much-hyped upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront – a title already sweating under the burden of the expectations of the community – will in any significant way be tied in to Episode VII, the upcoming movie of the Star Wars franchise, just as hotly expected, and probably even more pressured by outlandish fan expectations, and officials linked to the project have done a poor job at bringing any sort of clarity to the debate, to say the least. DICE’s Patrick Soderlund had the following to say about the release date of the game “Obviously there will be things in there that are somewhat tied to the new movie. I wouldn’t say that we have a particular tie to the movie. Now, obviously we would prefer to be close to the movie, but I wouldn’t say that we’re directly tied to it.” Ooookay…so, he essentially said that there was no tie-in, but some things were tied in. Nice one. He also said that they were keen on...

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Star Wars Battlefront Not to Tie in to Episode VII

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Since the announcement of the next Star Wars Battlefront game, many have been wondering if it will tie in to Episode VII and in what ways. We now have a new report Star Wars Underworld has this to say: Executive Vice President of EA Studios Patrick Soderlund recently spoke about how the game may or may not be connected the the upcoming film: “We’ve shown parts of the game to date. You know what were building is more rooted in the traditional Star Wars universe, not so much linked to the movie being made.” He continues, “We wanted to make a game that celebrates the history of Star Wars. We don’t have a particular tie to the movie, but obviously we would prefer to launch Battlefront sometime close to when the movie launches,” This is not a definite shut down of the idea but it looks like we won’t be seeing any maps, characters and/or ships from Episode VII in Star Wars: Battlefront – at least not at the start. It’s possible there...

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