Star Wars Battlefront Progress Report

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After all the hype DICE’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront generated with its brief but spectacular E3 trailer, the noise around the game has died off, especially after it became clear that its release would not happen this year. Still, those who keep an eye on the news regarding the title, will pick up bits and pieces of information dropped by the parties involved in the making of the game one way or another. Representatives of one website apparently got to take a look at an early version of the game, and they were quick to let the hungry community have a couple of crumbs of much-needed information. Apparently, the new Battlefront will have a higher number of high-definition weapons than its predecessors, and there will be a definite strategy involved in wielding and using these weapons. The weapons will apparently dictate the fighting style on the part of the player, and while that has always been the case, the new Battlefront will place an even bigger stress on this aspect of...

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Star Wars Battlefront Update: DICE Solve a Problem

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We’re all anxious for Star Wars Battlefront so it’s no surprise we’re looking for every bit of info we can get. This tweet went out a couple of weeks ago from Viktor Lundberg that gives one of the first nuggets of info on the game in a few weeks. Me and @aeonstream just solved a piece of battlefront that noone will ever think of yet it was supervital. We used addition by addition. — Viktor Lundberg (@ViktorALundberg) September 12, 2014 It’s not surprising that fans jumped right on it since we’ve been sitting on edge waiting for any tidbit of into we can get. While he doesn’t reveal what the problem is, he indicates they’ve solved an issue with the game over at DICE. Some speculation says it may have been an issue with Stormtroopers or other characters on the screen. The fact that he tweeted it and in the way that he did indicates it may be something big within the game, or something that had the potential to be big. It could also mean they...

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Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III Models

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  We’re excited about the upcomming Star Wars: Battlefront  (at least I know I am) and this is why I love bringing you updates, news, rumors and pretty much anything else related to help pass the time until we actually get to report on the game itself. As you know, there were plans for the game that are now cancelled as DICE takes over production. I feel confident in DICE’s ability to bring us a fantastic game and I don’t think they are rushing the title or going for a money grab (easy to do, knowing how badly we all want it). But if you’re curious, you can take a look at the cancelled models that showcase what it would have looked like. Check out the gallery for...

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Will Star Wars: Battlefront Release Line up with Star Wars: Episode VII Release?

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Fans are talking about the release of Star Wars: Battlefront. That’s nothing new. We’re all excited about the game and anxious for updates about when we’ll get to check it out for ourselves (finally). Reports say that development may be delayed on this game as DICE has stopped working on upcoming releases. We don’t mind waiting for it, honestly, as long as we get the game and not another disappointment or cancelled title. The internet was abuzz today with rumors about the release and the possibility that it will line up with the release of Star Wars: Episode VII. Will it be awhile before we get the chance to play this highly anticipated game? Most signs point to yes. However,  Viktor Lundberg (Developer and soundtrack musician) recently posted a Twitter message mentioning that he was looking forward to “playtesting” the game-playable alpha and beta versions of the game are available internally, reports. Breathecast has this to...

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Rumors

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As you may already know, there are many rumors going around about the release of Star Wars Battlefront 3 and everyone wants to be the first to release some exciting news about the game. We try to bring you the news as we find it confirmed but sometimes it’s also fun to mull over the rumors. Sometimes speculation becomes fact when the game is released. Even when it doesn’t, it can be fun to imagine while we wait for official news. So here are some things we know about Battlefront 3. First, EA has the sole rights to development of all Star Wars games but they have brought in some subsidiaries like DICE, Bioware and Visceral Games to help them develop the popular, upcoming title.  We know that the game is currently in production and that FrostBite 3 is being used. The game is expected to release around summer of 2015 to consoles. We also know that it is supposed to be a standalone title and not a sequel in the series. This means they have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to what...

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