The Star Wars franchise and its sustained success

Over $8 billion dollars in box office sales. Almost $38 billion in toys and merchandise. A sale to Disney around the $4 billion mark. These gigantic, record-breaking figures are enough to suggest that Star Wars is one of the world’s most phenomenally successful movie franchises of all time. There’s also the millions of fans from around the world who name Star Wars as either a favourite movies series, a creative influence, or even a life-changing piece of cinema. So why is Star Wars so popular? Back in 1977, there were plenty of Sci-Fi movies from relatively unknown directors, and 1977’s A New Hope was just another space-flick with a couple of big names. The big difference however was the depth, the vision and the scale that the original Star Wars movie had that made it such a smash-hit success, as well as the brilliant visual effects, well-paced storyline and superb…

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