GSH Master Artisan Guide Compendium

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If you’d like to know more about SWTOR crafting, we have a fantastic guide for you. From Lowku, we have a 3-part guide on 2.9 Galactic Strongholds crafting, as well as some basics in crafting in general. As we have mentioned here, 2.9 is bringing a lot of (hopefully good) changes to crafting. Some items that were once considered useful junk will now be highly sought after. Gathering lists, items and other crafting supplies now might be a good idea if you plan to do any 2.9 crafting. He tells us a little of what you can expect in these guides: “To help myself prepare, I’ve compiled my old gathering list, my credit guide, and all the new crafting information for the Fabrication Kits traded for decorations and War Supplies. What’s left is an absolutely massive amount of information that I had to break up into different parts just to get it done.” In addition to sharing the guides with us all, Lowku also offers some tips for getting the most from the guides....

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SWTOR Galactic Starfighter: Engine Components Comparisons Guide

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Understanding the different engine components will help you understand your ship’s engines better. The more you know about the engines, the better you can prepare for battle because you know what your ship is capable of doing. This guide is designed to give you a basic idea of what each of the Galactic Starfighter Ships engines are capable of, to help you decide which ones suit your gaming style the best. It focuses on the default engine components. Engine Maneuvers               Engines have different abilities that determine which maneuvers they’re capable of performing. In this section, you’ll learn which maneuvers each ship has and what it does along with the upgrade options for each one. The Rycer & Starguard, the Sting & Flashfire, the Ocula & Skybolt and the Gladiator & Enforcer all have Koiogran Turn as the default maneuver. This maneuver allows you to make a vertical 180-degree turn, it increases evasion 30 percent for 3 seconds and when activated, it evades...

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SWTOR Galactic Starfighter Ships Companion Guide

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Companions play an important role in Star Wars: The Old Republic and they do make the game more enjoyable. This guide focuses on the default companions assigned specifically to fill the crew positions for the Galactic Starfighter ships. Each faction will start out with a set of four default companions that are exclusive to the ships but you’re not limited to only using these. The assigned positions for the default companions and their names are below: Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic Empire Offense- MZ-12 Tactical- Salana Rok Engineering- Aven Geth Defense- Writch Hurley Republic Offense- B-3G9 Tactical- Kendra Novar Engineering- Ashy Defense- Oro Wogawa After choosing your starfighter ship, you’ll pick out your crew. You’ll start by choosing your co-pilot from one of the four default companions listed above for your faction. After choosing your co-pilot, you can fill each of the other positions with the remaining three...

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SWTOR Quick Guide for Building the Sting & Flashfire and the Ocula & Skybolt Scout Ships

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This SWTOR quick guide offers the basic information you need to build the Sting & Flashfire and the Ocula & Skybolt Galactic Scout Starfighter ships. We put them all together in one guide because they are all very similar to build and we’ll start with the engine maneuvers, thrusters and systems. Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic Engine Maneuvers There are four types of engine maneuvers to choose from. When activated, all of them require 15 seconds to recharge and they all have the ability to avoid lock-on missiles. These maneuvers will also increase your ability to avoid the enemy’s direct blaster fire up to 30 percent for 3 seconds. The Koiogran Turn is unlocked by default and all other maneuvers require 1,500 ship requisitions to unlock. The Koiogran Turn allows your ship to make a 180-degree turn vertically, even when you’re in tight spaces so it’s a great choice for new pilots. It’s a good defensive maneuver...

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SWTOR Galactic Starfighter New Player Guide

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This guide explains the basic information needed to choose and fly a Galactic Starfighter ship. After reading, you should have a general idea of what to expect before you play, so you can learn to use the controls a little faster and easier. Even if you’ve been playing for awhile, you may still find some of the information useful. We’ll start with a quick overview of the ships so you’ll have an idea of which one you would like to try first. Galactic Starfighter Ships The Scout, Strike Fighter, Gunships and Bombers are the four classes of ships available. You’ll find three ships listed under each class except for the gunships and you’ll start the game with two ships unlocked. As you play and earn Fleet Requisitions, you can unlock the remaining ships or you can buy them with Cartel Coins. You can view the components of any unlocked ship but only a brief description is available for the locked ones. Below is a list of the scout ships along with a brief description of each one: The...

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