Surface Details: The events of a boring and forgettable day.

BioWare posted a new of there famous diary entries. This entry was written by Charles Boyd himself, lead writer for the Trooper story. This entry is really well done. I almost wish bioware would release a shot story series of these “diary entries”. Give a great sense of backstory. Even though, those of us, who follow what have been datamined out of the Public test servers, knows where this story leads, I still love how they continue to give good quality writing to their new storyarchs. Brings me back to the days of “Blood of the Empire” and the “Holo Journals of Gnost Dural”. Check out out over at the official website, or read our copy paste below: 08.14.2014 Surface Details “Next.” Varko gave the hydro-dispenser on his desk a quick tap, then rubbed the fluids into the skin of his hands. He’d heard it could take a few weeks…

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